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Worldwide exposure for you and your business.
Premium Directory Listing (Gold)

Your directory listing will be featured throughout the Ecnaillá Groupe website and is a great way to reach thousands of interested targeted leads.

Unlimited Offers Listings (Gold)
Post anything you want to promote or sell. Post discounts to your products, promotions, events, new product launches, services, consultations and any other benefits you can imagine. We've been told that some of our members have built their entire businesses off of this section of our site alone. Talk about spreading the word!!

Unlimited Networking (Gold)
When you join Ecnaillá Groupe, you are immediately connected with others just like you who are looking for exposure to the community, advice and special opportunities that we reserve for members only. Members can private message other members and are immediately immersed in our reciprocity-based community. The sky's the limit when you reach out to others and open yourself up to the opportunities that are everywhere.

YOUR Profile & Vanity URL (Gold)
No matter what stage of entrepreneurship you're in, you are the entrepreneur of your life. Do you already have a business? Dreaming of launching one? Excited about supporting and discovering "entrepreneurial friends?" Wherever you are, we'll meet you there. Your profile is a showcase for your passion, your business, yourself, and a platform to connect globally with other members like you. Your profile is a gateway for connecting with the Ecnaillá Groupe Universe and accessing the many layers of benefits and opportunities that come with membership! It comes complete with your very own Vanity URL that you select. Translated?

Real Time Blog, Facebook, and Twitter Status Updates (Gold)
Now, when you are a member of Ecnaillá Groupe, you receive your very own blog, along with the ability to sync up your Facebook and Twitter updates with our real time Living the Dream posts, so you can let the world know about happenings in your world in one fell swoop. We know you're busy, so we've found a way to save you time and maximize spreading the word. You post, we'll vet...and continue to bring the best resources, opportunities and tools that we can find to help make your life easier and your launch higher!

Home Page Feature GUARANTEED! (Gold)
Now, membership guarantees you'll receive a week feature rotation on our home page. That's right, your name, your business "in lights" on

Daily Press Opportunities (Gold)
We've spent years building relationships with editors and publications that reach millions of people daily. From print to television to radio to the bloggers, we've got you covered and deliver you daily opportunities to get featured by our media partners.

Expert Spotlight Opportunities (Gold)
Sign up to be one of our live chat experts, event speakers or webinar hosts. We've created multiple ways for you to share your expertise with our community, promote your business and provide valuable learnings with fellow launchers. All experts must be pre-approved.

Product Sampling Distribution (Gold)
Introduce your product or service to the Ecnaillá Groupe community by contributing your "bling" to our Ecnaillá Groupe welcome gift. Let new members sample your wares and spread the word for you.

Event Hosting Opportunities (Gold)
As a member of Ecnaillá Groupe, you are eligible to host events and partner with us in a variety of ways. One of the best ways to spread the word about your business is to connect in person at our events nationwide.

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*Currently New York City In -Person Events only!





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