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Founded in 2012, the Ecnaillá Groupe is a leading network of professionals driving innovation, business development, wealth building and career advancement for its members. Creating a buzz as a multifaceted experience of excitement and enthusiasm, we regularly host panel discussions, lectures, networking soirees, interviews, symposia, film screenings, book clubs, and conference calls with prominent entrepreneurs, thinkers and celebrities who regularly come together to gain new insight all centered around enriching membership growth and prosperity.


We host panel discussions, lectures, interviews and conference calls with entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, celebrities and other talented individuals who empower our members on how to make pertinent business decisions, how to create opportunities and how to network effectively. These interactive programs advise our members on how to strengthen their careers, build better businesses and make better investments in their overall wealth. 

We create monthly membership meetings designed for all members to support each other in a friendly, collaborative and professional environment.  This includes regular meetings that both strengthen and enhance the collective wealth of our members.  Different members will speak to our membership body that are in search of opportunities, guidance, advice or growth in their personal or professional lives.  In turn, our membership body will offer beneficial solutions, advice, feedback and support on how they can assist our members. These meetings will be organized in both small and large groups in supportive settings. 

We promote artists, authors, thinkers, publicists, entertainers, celebrities, fashion designers and other talent at our book clubs, film screenings, symposiums, galas and other red carpet functions.  Our members will have exclusive access to these premier events.    

We encourage all of our members to network with each other at our soirees where they can strengthen their professional contacts, expand their clientele base and develop new business relationships.  Because we want these soirees to be classy and fun, they may have alcohol, food and music.  Icebreakers and other group activities will often accompany these events.


We are composed of actors, actresses, agents, authors, artists, attorney’s, business owners, celebrities, community and government leaders, corporate executives, developers, directors, doctors, entertainers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, investors, managers, models, producers, publicists, recruiters, student leaders and writers.  This is by far not a comprehensive list.  Our diverse membership body is comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds and professions, each bringing with them their own talents and expertise.   

Our community is a big believer in members helping members.  Being a part of the Ecnaillá Groupe community is more than just being a member.  By joining, you will be part of a prominent group that supports and treats each other like family.  Not only will your business and professional life improve, but so will the quality of your contacts, your clientele, your business and your personal relationships.

We hope you will join us.





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